Building confident musicians

Weekly General Music Lessons to Build a Solid Musical Foundation

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The most intuitive way to learn music

Your child is already experimenting with music, using their voice and body.

That is why we use singing and movement to teach musical concepts.

Using the most intuitive instrument – their own body, children can grasp concepts deeper and faster, and take them to any instrument.

Ear Training

to interpret and appreciate anything they hear.

Embodying Music: Singing & Movement

to engage with music viscerally and with their whole being, anywhere and any time.

Note Reading

to communicate through the written language of modern music.

Music is life itself.

– Louis Armstrong

The Program

Weekly online music lessons with…

A highly researched, age-appropriate curriculum of lifelong music skills.

Fun, consistent, movement-based sessions for long-term motivation and growth.

A database of carefully selected songs that you can use at home.

Resources and consultations for parents, so that you can help encourage a life-long love of music in your child.

I didn’t know 10 minutes could go by so fast!

– Ramsey, 10


Foundations class:

Wednesdays, Online, 4-4:30pm Pacific / 6pm Central

Supplement classes (add-on): 

Thursdays, Online, 4-4:30pm Pacific / 6pm Central (coming soon)


Laptop or tablet with a stable internet connection, and a quiet space for your child to move and sing freely

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Now enrolling: Ages 5 - 7

It’s thrilling to watch her develop a real passion for music. Thank you Clara!

(Parent wishes to stay anonymous)

Our mission:

To give other kids the same start that we were given.

We are Clara & Robert,

Childhood friends, lifelong music lovers, and the founders of TVG Kids. 

We met in middle school choir, bonding over pre-performance jitters, late-night pizza on the road, last-minute rehearsal sessions, and randomly bursting into song in the school hallways. We didn’t know it then, but it was those early musical experiences that started us down our separate paths towards becoming music teachers.

Since then, we’ve built 25 years of music instruction experience between us. Our paths were very different – Clara studied at Berklee and went into classroom teaching, while Robert went into operations before pivoting back into voice coaching full-time.

15 years later, we are coming together to launch TVGK to give other kids the same start that we were given.

Hear what more of our Students have to say!

“This is the only time of the day where I can sing and no one can stop me!”

– Laibah

“I get inspired to be confident”

– Ricardo

“It’s fun that we always move around when we sing!”


What does a typical class look like?

Here’s a quick rundown:

[5 minutes]: A quick hello and introduction, and then we would warm up our voices with simple patterns and exercises that are proven to encourage healthy habits.

[5-10 minutes]: Build musical vocabulary through call and response exercises on solfege or note-names, with solfege hand signs, pitch-patterning, and finger-staffing.

[10-15 minutes]: This is the “bulk” of the class. We might learn a new song, build upon an existing song, explore movement in relation to a song, or learn a new concept.

[3-5 minutes]: Reflection. Students will answer a reflection question, and will be encouraged to share it with the class, if they feel comfortable. 

My child has never taken music lessons. Will they be behind?

Our intuition-first approach means that we can meet every student where they are. Your child will learn to think and appreciate music, with or without existing background.

We want to equip every child with a strong base so that they can succeed quickly on any instrument or musical endeavor in the future. 

My child is shy! Is this for them?

Online music learning lets us meet each kid where they are at. Students mostly stay on mute while practicing singing / movements / concepts with the teacher.

Students do have opportunities to unmute and perform for the class, but it isn’t mandatory. TVGK would be a great opportunity for shy students to practice music making in the comforts of their own home!

You gave my kids confidence and self esteem

– Carrie, parent

A Lifelong Love of Music starts with a Solid Musical Foundation

Get your no strings attached consultation with our child development expert, Clara.